Sea Hunt: Cave Diving

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Sea Hunt: Cave Diving, the 21st show from the series’ 2nd season, was intriguing to watch as it dealt with something we don’t often see, an underwater landslide.  These episodes which focus on the ocean and natural events are awesome to watch.  I enjoy them, and the sea life focused ones, the best.

In the story, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) accompanies a professor on a scuba diving trip to take a look at a cave that is full of uranium.  Just as the professor goes inside the cave, the landslide occurs, trapping the man inside.  The bulk of the story refers to Nelson’s attempts to rescue the man.

There is something I really liked about the plot and something I didn’t.  The positive reaction came to Nelson actually getting the idea on how to save the professor from an old Seabees man who was driving the boat.  The negative is that it involved a fish and a spear gun, and that just does not ever make me happy.

The professor was played by Herbert Anderson of Dennis the Menace fame.  It’s hard to watch him and not think of Dennis.  He’s just so associated with that.

On the whole, Sea Hunt: Cave Diving was entertaining and worth watching.


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