Black Jack: Picking a Good Table

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Believe it or not the type of table we play at can dictate a lot.  When you arrive at the casino do not be in a hurry to throw your hard earned money on the table and begin playing. Take a few minutes to walk around and see what is going on.  Take time to consider your playing style anad who you could potentially be playing with. 

Some experience player’s may have the stigma of never going head to head with the dealer.  Going head to head with the dealer in reality is not a bad choice as some may think.  If you read my other article about Black Jack we talked about how players will average about a 48% over the long run.  The same is true with going head to head with the dealer.  The thing you have to remember is your playing style and strategy. Some players that are inexperienced though rarely remember that.

If you believe a full table is best for your playing style then go for it. However, there is one rule you should go by. If you notice somebody not playing with a consistent system (whether it is the same as your or not) then it is best to wait it out. If you go to a table and people are noticeably drunk (I’ve seen it too many times) then get up and wait it out or go to another table.  However, casinos are very good about pointing them out and getting them off the table.

For me personally I find my chances are better on a table of three. I am not sure as to the exact reason but it is what it is. Remember this is just me and my playing style.  When I go to sit at the table I usually like to be the first or second player being dealt.  Like I said at the beginning players that have played a lot seem to have a certain stigma and system they go by.  This is just mine.

Before you sit down take a look at the dealer’s chips. If the chip rack seems low then that is a good indication the night has been good for the players.

Lastly take some time at home. Nothing will help you more than good old fashion training.  Get six or eight decks of cards (or however many decks the casino you are going to uses) and deal yourself. That’s right! Deal yourself in different player positions. Don’t do it just once but, do it multiply times. Keep track of how you are doing. You will realize what position works best for you.  You will then be able to see how well your playing style does or doesn’t do. 

I can’t stress enough to stick to your system.  Black Jack is a game of patience.  Do not look to the next 5 minutes.  Look at how it will go in the long run. 

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