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If you choose two or more database file or tables for your report, you need to link the tables together in order to use information from both on your report. SCR automatically displays the Links tab, and completes the linking using smart Linking.

Selecting Felids to Print on the Report

You specify which fields to print on your reports using the Fields tab. You can choose from any of the fields in the tables that you selected on the Data tab. The Available Fields list shows a tree, with all field names listed below the table names. By default, the tree has the first table expanded, listing the fields within that table. You can expand the second table by clicking the plus sign next to its name in the tree.

The plus and minus signs make navigation through your available database tables and fields easier. To add fields to your report:

1.       In the Available Fields list, either double-click the field you want to add to your report, or select the field and click Add. The field shows. The field shows up in the Fields to Display list. Add fields to your report in the order in which you want them t print across your page from left to right.

Tip: Through Seagate Crystal Reports you can use the arrow buttons next to or above a list box change the order of that list’s contents.

2.       Once you have all the fields you want on your report listed in the Fields to Display list, click Next to go to the Group tab.


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