If Tomorrow Was The Last Day of You Life…

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So who would you want to say good-bye to, if you had a chance?

Or will you just be making plans to turn yourself in to So who would you want to say good-bye to, if you had a chance?
Or will you just be making plans to turn yourself in to compost, without saying good-bye to anyone…
Seriously very few actually are able to say good-bye, or choose who and or choose what the ending will be…
Death is a sad and heart breaking to most, only actually they are in a much better place, we grieve, we cry, and our hearts break, over the death.
If you could choose the last day, who you wanted to spend it with, who you would want to talk too, what would you say?
Personally, I have thought about this…
With me I would like to have my three children, all getting along, that is a rare, so that would be a blessing.  With this meeting I would like to tell them after I am gone all they will have is each other.  Also to let them know I am sorry for choosing a Man over them, if I would have just waited for them to grow-up there would have been plenty of time for a man.  No matter what I thought of them always, Sorry that I wasn’t the perfect Mother, but I now know that no one is perfect.  It will be hard for you to understand now but the road of life will make it clearer.  I loved you each dearly, and being pregnant and giving birth to each of them was the prize in my life. 
With me, I would like to have my parents, to tell them sorry that I wasn’t able to live the life they wanted for me.  I know you had dreams, of what you wanted for me, but the black sheep, and every family has one became a deep seeded part of my life. Now I know I could be perfect and I will never be.  Life happened, but at this moment I need you to accept me for me. 
In the road of life, there is only one of my husband’s that I would like to be there with me, the father of my children, we loved each other, and actually I don’t know what happened to either of us.  He changed, I changed, babies were born, life was rough, and he took it out on me.  No, I wasn’t an Angel but neither was he, I would like to tell him I am sorry for taking his children far away from him…He is dead, and yes I actually miss him, he didn’t have a chance to say good-bye, but I would like to, say good-bye to him.
Also on the winding road of life, was my Grandma’s each had an undying love for me. I would just like one more hug, one more I love you…My heart breaks, and I miss them both dearly.
The path of life, led me to one teacher, which I will never forget, he took time to help a needy child learn to read that had dyslexia.
To my brother, we have become closer in the last few years, and I would like to tell him that he is number 1 in my book and thanks for being there for my children. 
But life is about learning about yourself, road blocks, detours, influences, and people block your path to life, it takes much longer to really figure yourself out and your needs, and wants.
So, at the end of the day or at the end of your life, who do you really want to be there to hold your hand, in the last hours of your life?
Me, myself and I would just like to be accepted for the person I am, at this point I have made tons of mistakes, paying for each and every one of them.
But when everyone is crying, in pain and their hearts aching, what will be flowing thru your mind?
I will be saying I did it to myself…When I die alone without anyone to hold my hand, or comfort me in my hour of need.


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