Interview Skills

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Aptitude skills are required to overlook a person’s analytical skills, logical skills, Quantitative skills. This round of screening is to find out the candidate’s Time Management Skills. Nobody can solve all problems within the stipulated time. What Companies are expecting is a person who solve problems effectively in the stipulated time. I mean effectively is to solve problems in a short manner and with minimum 50% answers.

Why Aptitude test is substantial during recruitment?
These Aptitude test will let the HR’s know how rapidly you can grasp things.

Example for Aptitude skills:
1. What is the number of zeros at the end of the product of the numbers from 1 to 100?
ans : 127
General Tips to get through Aptitude round:
1) Read the questions and understand it cautiously.

Most of the people are getting the question wrongly and answering it.

2) Allot time for every individual questions according to the stipulated time.

Its better to do the known & familiar question rather than unfamiliar question first. It saves you more time & you may find enough time to try the new one.

3) Dont involve in huge calculations for a single problem.

Attitude Skills are judged during aptitude round and also in Gendral HR round.
“Body Language Express more about you than you”
Body Language constitute of:
1) Facial Expressions
2) Gestures
3) Postures
4) Eye Contact
5) Emotions, Feelings
GD Round
Example for GD Topic: Brain Drain
Comment About Brain Drain:

Tips to get through GD Round:

1) If you are more intensive about the topic given to you, Then Initiate First.

2) While Initiating you need to introduce yourself, and your team.

3)Start recklessly and dont deviate.

4) If you din’t clear about the topic, sit back relax and listen to the viewpoints cast by others,

jot it down , then start to fling off your viewpoints.

5) The person who initiate first should be consider as a “Leader or Organiser” of that team.

so Be Careful.

6) Intiator’s Leadership qualities have been examined during GD.

7) Place your points in an audacious manner.

Gendral Behavioural Skills:

This section clearly examined the candidate’s original behaviours & Manners. This is the area where many talented people failed. This shows your real attitude. Attitude normally shows your approach towards a problem. There are  Human Resource Executives can find your attitude by your movements itself. So its better to act with concious.

Body Language is the one which is most often expected by the HR person. Body Language signifies your involvement towards the topic and your awareness on it.

Technical Skills:

Technical Skills is used to examine your proficiency level in your technical abilities. You must atleast know the basics in all the technical skills you have mentioned in your CV. Most of the people expected you to accept that you really dont certain topics. That is If you are not much familier with certain topics just say sorry i am not sure with that topic.


Self-Confidence is the biggest weapon to succeed in Interviews. Not only in Interviews, it will be a good & right weapon throughout your life. Coming back to Interview point of view. During Interviews people can judge your confidence by your face reactions. So be confident while going for interviews.

Agiotaging Information:

Communication – It is the best key to sucess. Why? because if you are not 100% sure about the concept you can manage with your little knowldge along with your communication. The message you are conveying should be understandable to other sitting in front of you. Companies are not expecting candidates with accent. They are expecting candidates to communicate well.


I hope many things have been covered . Hope this article is useful for many. Thanks for Reading


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