Green Tea The Slimming Beverage

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Today, millions of People around the world are hooked on drinking green tea. One of the most common health care beverage around the world, especially to those who are trying to lose weight. Green tea stimulates metabolism and at the same time blocking fat absorption.

The number of people being overweight is increasing and they are prone to acquire  disease. There are modern solutions to loose weight nowadays but expensive and only few can afford.   

Green tea is better in eliminating those fats naturally and reduce excess body fluids. A study  shown by the American Journal of Nutrition that drinking green tea aids in dieting by allowing you to burn more calories.

Even the most popular diet pills, green tea is listed as one of the ingredients. It contains high antioxidants of Polyphenols which activate the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving excess fats.  Thus, accelerates weight loss and stimulates metabolism.

Green tea has the components that increases energy and more endurance when exercising. Further more, Green tea detoxifies the body, fight harmful free radicals, helps the body free from diseases so we feel more balanced and in sync.

A study published in year 2006 by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that tea is a healthier choice of drink than almost any beverage, including water.


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