Impatient People Who Do Patient Things And How We Can Solve It

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Let’s say you went shopping at a supermarket and when you get to the line, you notice that there are people who are complaining about the person that is in front of them because they are taking too long. They would do everything from cursing on their minds to cursing themselves to even as far as cursing the customer out telling them to hurry up. But as soon as it comes to their turn, they go and do the exact same thing that the previous customer had done. Giving a way to a new generation of complainers.

It doesn’t make any sense because all of this can be solved with one solution which I think that a lot of people seem to forget sometimes. Just be prepared before getting on line. I always say that a supermarket or a pharmacy should have a sign out that says ‘Please Have Your Reward Card, Money or Debit/Credit Card Out Before Proceeding to the Front’. But then there are those who would feel offended if they’ve seen such a sign. It’s like some customers can’t win and neither can the employees at the store.

Who really wants to wait on a long line? Yes, it can be frustrating waiting. Especially if they know that the person in front of them is taking forever. You can either choose to go ahead and argue (which would lead to a back and forth shouting match or something worse) or just wait patiently like the rest of the people who would like to pay for their items and leave. This is what I call ‘Impatient People Doing Patient Things’ being that they can’t wait, but when it comes to them everyone has to wait on them which in fairness it’s not right. Don’t do to the next person what was done to you before. It doesn’t solve anything. Just next time you go to a store and before you even get to the line, just have what you need out so the line will move smoothly and the people will be less annoyed.


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