Education About Forest Proposed Strategy

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These are the only two institutions in the country offering this highest degree. It may be pointed out that 2 scholars have already earned their Ph.D. in Foresty. There are 6 Ph.D. scholars enrolled at the moment. Their curricula are uptodate and balanced and are based in latest literature. These courses were developed after consulting a large number of public and private employers. These universities have developed a number of text books and manuals and are in the process of developing more for improving the quality of education and research. Their schemes of studies are beautifully integrated with those of Agriculture and other associated sciences, the major emphasis on Agro-Forestry and Commercial Forestry with due emphasis on Range Management, Watershed Management and Wildlife Management. There are 8 Ph.D’s in this discipline on their faculty in addition to a sizeable number of faculty members holding M.Sc. (Hons.) degree. Library and Laboratory facilities are quite good and are rapidly growing. The departments have recently developed a modern wood testing lab. with the help of Japanese assistance. A farm area of about 50 acres is available to these Departments at PARS for conducting field training and research. In addition, staff and library cum laboratory facilities of NARC, PFRI, AARI, NIAB and NIBGE are easily available. In short, the environment is highly conductive for teaching and research. Optimum interaction of forestry students with leads of Agriculture and other associated sciences exists which leads to the development of balanced and forward-looking forestry graduates. These young scientists are better able to face the challenges of future and are more dynamic and capable of breaking new grounds. They are trained as scientists, business oriented forest managers and efficient extension workers. They can reach the farmers and entrepreneurs with confidence easily and effectively.

In order to ensure desired development and expansion in Forestry, an appropriate and effective and dynamic education and research system must be promoted at Universities of Agriculture. It must be manned by highly qualified University faculty who have the vision, dynamism and experience and who best understand Forestry, Agriculture, Rural Sociology, Agricultural/Forest Economics, Marketing and related policy matters for this purpose.


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