"the Girl Next Door" Dvd Movie Review

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The Girl Next Door (2007) is one of the saddest and most sadistic movies I think I have ever seen. The movie itself is not meant for those who cannot watch movies that deal with sexual encounters, or child abuse. The story is something based off a book which too was based off of a real story. The movie was greatly illustrated, but one should be prepared when watching it. This movie stars Blythe Auffarth, Blanche Baker, William Atherton, Daniel Manche, and Catherine Mary Stewart. Each portrays their role brilliantly. I must applaud the children in this movie as well as the adults for being able to play such strange and adult like roles. This movie is rated R, and was directed by Gregory Wilson and also produced by; Andrew Van den Houten, and William M. Miller.


The idea behind this movie was simply stated from the book. It’s the fact of two girls who must go to live with their Aunt, who begins to slowly lose her mind. The Aunt at first you don’t expect to be a mean manipulative woman, but son enough her true colors come out. The idea is that the girls need a way out and that hopefully somebody will save them from their Aunt Ruth, and their three cousins.


The story is about a man named David who is recalling the summer of 1958 when his life changed forever. This was the summer he met Megan, and her sister Susan. He innocently had a crush on Megan and wanted to be her boyfriend and be nice to her, since she was only a sweet teenage girl. Megan and he begin to develop a friendship, and find out that they are neighbors. The boys of the neighborhood would come to ‘Auntie Ruth” and get beer and hang out at the home until they went home on their own.

One day Meg saw David at the sandwich shop and begged him to buy her some food seeing as her Aunt Ruth would starve her and not let her eat because she was “fat.” The poor girl was starving and he couldn’t help himself but to get her something to eat. While they were eating she told David how her Aunt is often mad, and that she and her sister were being abused, and mistreated. David was beside himself and didn’t know what to do.

He would constantly go over there to visit until one day he found himself not agreeing with how the girls were treated. The woman would spank the girls in front of their cousins, and she would do many other things. Most of which, you would need to watch this movie to get the idea about.

Character Development

Throughout this movie, Ruth (), slowly loses her sanity and begins to become more of an abuser and has to no common sense to realize what she is doing is wrong. Her sons, believe it is a game, and the way they were raised and that they were getting permission from the Ruth, made them feel they were in the right as well. The only people who seemed to really have a problem with it were David (Daniel Manche) and an older neighborhood boy named Tony.

Each character progresses in a way that I never thought they would. Meg, through out everything is a strong willed 13 year old girl who wants to do nothing but protect her sister. David becomes the hero in this movie for the simple fact that he keeps trying to save Meg and get her out of the situations she’s in. Meg’s sister Susan is also really heartbreaking in this movie, and her character is simply amazing to watch progress as well.


Hmm. Where do I even begin with the plot? As you’re watching this movie you cannot help but find that you must keep towards the TV, but cringing away and not looking at certain parts. Even if you aren’t watching it and you can still hear it, it’s a movie that you will still want to know the ending to. Once you’ve started it you almost must know the ending. Will the girls get out of there, or will their Aunt Ruth never let them out of her sight and house?


Honestly, I give this movie a 4/5. It kept me on my seat and even though it was one of the strangest and saddest films I’ve ever saw I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I really do suggest this film as a once and only once movie. I would never make anyone watch it that didn’t want to due to subject matter. I, myself have watched it once and I don’t want to watch it again. It was too much, but it was definitely a greatly portrayed film for how horrible child abuse really is, and how it really can be the girl next door.



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