Super Seven Reasons To Smile – Make Enduring Smile a Part of Your Life

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So how do we increase our “smiling quotient?”

While most of us have that inborn instinct, a focus on the following points would definitely help.

1.      Notice The Right Frame – the glass is half-full or half-empty as we see it. Turn every situation in favor of your positive thought. When caught in traffic, instead of fretting and fuming and cursing, enjoy some good music, or just reflect on better moments of the day. Just smile.

2.      Being Grateful – Learning to be grateful about small things that we take for granted in life brings abundance of joy and happiness– and smiles

3.      Nurture The Child In You – Don’t you remember that simple things like marbles, games like leap frog, or street baseball would bring so much happiness? Keep that child alive in you, enjoy trivialities of life

4.      Make More Friends – Social and romantic journeys have a great impact on our contentment. Making more friends and spending time with them always brings smiles and joys. Make friendships a priority of your life.

5.      Live The Moment – Being “in the moment” is the ultimate key to happiness. We think ahead much too often, without appreciating being “here and now.” Savoring every moment would open up a boxful of reasons to smile.

6.      Find Your Calling – Find a meaning in spirituality or religion or just a purpose in your work and relationships. Finding your calling is much important in giving you a sense of purpose, which in turn may create some of the best reasons to smile.

7.      Don’t Over Do Anything – Learning when to say stop is a key to happiness. Too much involvement in anything would make you loose focus on the smaller things that exist in abundance all around us. Take your time off and savor the beauty of every thing around us.


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