Depuy Hip Recall

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DePuy hip devices has come to a screeching stop as people all over the country have been filing lawsuits against the company for failure-prone hip implants. 12% of people who reportedly got the device has had them removed by surgery and then replaced with an alternative product. The company says that the symptoms can send a signal to a lose implant and then fracture the bone around it or even dislocate the implants ball and socket.

Many doctors have said that the device should have been pulled much sooner because there have been many complaints by patients before that triggered this enormous lawsuit against the company. An X-ray scan can help the doctor see how the hip implant is holding up and blood tests can see if metal particles from the implant are causing the problems. In March of 2010 DePuy Orthopedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson, issued a warning that this device was failing only after a couple of years after a person has one installed. The FDA received close to 300 complaints, starting in early 2008, from people with the ASR hip implant. The problems associated with the metal-to-metal implants seem to be the very design aspect of the product.

This recall means more in depth monitoring will occur to make sure that the hip implant is functioning correctly and that to prevent future injuries. This hip recall is making headlines all over the country. For more information about the recall check out resource4thepeople.


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