Islands Which May Disappear Due to Global Warming

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Many islands close to the sea level are about to disappear in the near future due to rising sea levels.  Main cause of this disappearance is global warming.  According to research, global temperature has risen more rapidly during the industrial age due to emission of green house gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, etc.  

Here is a list of islands which are affected by rising sea levels.  Some have already disappeared.

Lohachara and Suparibhanga Islands:   These Indian islands, where more than 10,000 people lived, have already disappeared into the sea (Bay of Bengal).  Scientists who have studies this case of disappearance have attributed the cause to global warming. 

Bermeja Island:  This small island which was near Gulf of Mexico has already disappeared into the ocean.  It featured prominently in the maps used between 16th and 19th centuries. 

CarteretIslands:  These islands are also known as Carteret Atoll, Tulun Islands or Kilinailau Islands.  They are located in the South Pacific.  These islands are expected to be totally submerged by 2015.  Paul Tobasi, the atoll’s district manager and many environmental groups are suggesting that the island may disappear due to global warming. 

Maldives:  It is an island nation in the Indian Ocean.  The high point is only 8 feet.  Other places in the island are much lower.  It the ocean level rises further, this island will disappear. 

VanuatuIsland:  Also called as Republic of Vanuatu is another island nation in the South Pacific which may be submerged due to rising ocean level.

Tuvalu Islands:  This island is located between Australia and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.  The high point is 15 feet.  Nearly 11,000 people live here.  They are noticing that the waterline is moving closer.  They have already started evacuating.  New Zealand has agreed to grant refuge to 75 Tuvaluans every year.  It is estimated that this island will disappear in 50 years from now. 

Kiribati Island:  This island is officially called as the Republic of Kiribati.  It is located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean.  Kiribatiis also experiencing rising water levels. 

Marshall Islands:  Also called as Republic of Marshall Islands is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  This island may become another victim of rising ocean levels. 

Tonga Island:  Officially known as the Kingdom of Tonga, is located in the South Pacific Ocean.  If ocean levels rise, this island is likely to be affected. 

These are just a few islands facing disappearance.  There are many more uninhabited islands which are facing disappearance which is turn would cause damage to many plant and animal species. 

Governments and individuals have a huge role to play in saving these islands.  Governments all over the world should formulate policies which would discourage environmental damage.  Individuals should also contribute in reducing emission of greenhouse gases.  They should simplify their existence.  For example they can replace their SUV with an electric car.  After all, market only provides what its customers demand.


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