Prima’s Guide To Seagate Crystal Reports 8

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Seagate Crystal Reports offer two methods to start a new report:

·         Reports Experts

·         A Blank Report (custom)

You can edit an existing report by opening the .rpt file in the Crystal Report Designer. Use the “An existing report” option in the Welcome dialog box, or click File, Open, or use Open Button on the standard toolbar.

Creating a Report Using the Standard Report Expert

A Seagate crystal report has eight Report Experts to assist you in designing reports. You will design two reports step by step, one using the standard Report Expert, and another using the Blank Report option. You design your reports either way. If you start a report using Expert, you can most certainly add to it or change it using the custom option.

Opening the Crystal Report Designer and Starting a Report

First, you need to open the Crystal Report Designer and start a new report in order to use an Expert.

1.       Click Start, Programs, Seagate Crystal Reports. The Crystal Report Designer application window opens.

2.       Select Using the Report Expert on the opening Welcome dialog box, and then click OK. If you cancel the Welcome dialog box, click File, New or the new toolbar button. The Report Gallery dialog box opens.

3.       In the choose an Expert list, click Standard Report Expert template appears on the right side. Click OK to launch the Expert.

Report Experts, similar t wizard, walk you through designing reports. Once you start an Expert, you navigate from tab to tab responding to the prompts. The information you provide creates the basic of your report. Which Report Expert you use dictates which tab appear.


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