Protect Your Home And Garden—the Geese Are Coming!

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By Alex A. Kecskes

Spring is coming.  And so are the Geese. They’ll be squawking, and nesting and trampling all over your new garden.  They’ll also be pooping in your pond, pool or spa, creating quite an unsanitary mess. You don’t have the heart to kill or maim them, so you’ll have to keep them from coming, from invading your space. You’ll have to stop them before they settle in for spring. The time for goose deterrents is now.

Remember how they came back last year? Well, they’ll do the same this year, maybe even bring a few friends, which means you’ll have an even bigger problem this year. If you destroyed their nests, they’ll just build new ones. They’re strong willed and determined, especially if your yard offers what they like—shelter, food and protection from predators.
As you may recall, geese are big and heavy, and they can fly approaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.  They’ll ram into your dog, cat or child and knock them down, especially to protect their nests and eggs. Or even if you suddenly startle them.

Unless you act now by installing an effective goose repellent, the geese will poop in your pool, uncovered spa, fountain or pond, and you’ll be cleaning it on a weekly or even daily basis. Is this how you want to spend or your spring and summer months?

If you don’t keep your pool, spa or pond clean, the goose droppings could infect you with any number of diseases, including swimmer’s itch, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis and giardia.  Heard enough?  Then get ready to implement some effective goose deterrents:

Bird Scare Devices. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to install all around your property. They consist of iridescent reflective foil or shiny tape banners that wave in the breeze, crackling and reflecting sunlight to create an “Optical Distraction Zone.” Another effective goose deterrent that falls into this category is the inflatable balloon. These have large “spooky” reflective predator eyes no goose wants to be around. There’s also the Scare-Eye Diverter, which, like the balloon, looks very intimidating to geese and makes them feel like they’re being sized up for a meal. These goose control deterrents work best when they’re moved and switched every so often. Hey, birds aren’t stupid, so respect them and beat them by outsmarting them.

Sonic Goose Repeller. Geese don’t like to hear the sounds of other birds in distress. Or listen to predator birds moving in for the kill. That’s what Sonic Bird Repellers do. They work their psychological magic and convince geese that danger is near and that other geese are in trouble. This will convince them to move on to someone else’s yard. For best bird deterrent effect, install these devices where geese tend to gather.

Goose Repellent. Goose Repellents are made from a grape extract, methyl anthranilate, that geese can not stand, but is safe for pets and humans.  When the geese graze on grass treated with goose repellent, they will no longer find the food source palatable and move on to an area where they can graze.  The active ingredient in the goose repellent is a non toxic grape extract proven to be effective in repelling pest birds.  The extract irritates birds’ trigeminal nerve and mochas membranes through entry in the eyes, nose and mouth.  Birds do not like the sensation caused by the extract and will take flight from the area being treated.

The most important thing to remember is to install or apply your goose deterrents now, before geese arrive.


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