Promotion Brings in Money And Stress

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Estrogens and the brain

There are indications that the female sex hormones, the estrogens, may also have a role to play in the brain. Most of the symptoms which occur during menopause are due to the drop in the levels of the female sex hormones. Women feel decreased sex drive and also have difficulties in remembering things. Gradual loss in memory has always been associated with ageing. Recent evidence suggests that when post menopausal women wear estrogen skin patch, they feel a boost in their memory. This has been suggested to be due to a protective effect of the estrogens on the brain cells which are concerned with memory.

Upward mobility brings in stress

Is there anybody who doesn’t want to move upwards in his career? Monetary benefits and the accompanying prestige and power are the main reasons for this desire. All these, of course, may be obtained, but this upward mobility is also accompanied by increased responsibility and therefore, increased stress. The increased stress could be due to a wide variety of factors such as working long hours which, of course, means longer absence away from the family. This stress level is also increased if the workplace is far away from the home and also involves frequent travelling. However, such stress is relatively less with lower level employees.


Insomnia is a sleep disorder which may lead to profound psychological and physiological problems. Some studies have shown that people who suffer from insomnia will be better off if they spend less amount of time in the bed. This has been brought out as a result of some behavioral therapy studies. The positive effect was more pronounced in older insomniacs.

Be slightly overweight

Science can be funny. There are reports that being slightly overweight may actually increase longevity. As you get old, you are crippled by disorders which tend to reduce your mobility. Arthritis is the classical example. It has always been known that even if you have arthritis, you are better off with mobility. Recent evidence suggests that mobility should always be combined with weight loss and this can be achieved through walking.


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