How Many Calories to Lose One Pound

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One of the most commonly asked questions in a gym is how many calories to lose one pond. One pound of body fat is made up of 3500 calories. So theoretically decreasing one pound of body weight require reduction of 3500 calories which means that if you work out to lessen 3500 calories than your body weight should reduce by one pound. But actually what happens is that when we reduce calorie intake our body tends to reduce the calorie outflow. This is called as diets induce adaptive thermogenesis which our body follows in order to ensure our survival and to maintain our body weight.

In order to lose weight some people start eating less but mostly it doesn’t give required result because of phenomenon of reduction of calorie expenditure on reduction of calorie consumption. In the same way exercising alone is not a solution. To lose weight the most appropriate way is to reduce calorie intake and exercising side by side.

There should be a gradual and continuous loss of calorie of reducing weight. It’s mathematically possible to reduce one pound in a day but actually it’s not. So what needs to be done is that you should focus on reducing 500calories in one day. By this way you will lose one pound every week. Also the loss of 500 calorie per day should be done by both diet and exercise and the balance can be maintained by eating food with 250 calories lesser and doing exercise to burn 250 calorie. This way the body will lose weight and also remains healthy.

If you follow some simple and regular things like going for walk, avoiding a coke per day, avoiding junk food, yoga etc. then you will never again need to ask how many calories to lose one pound because you will automatically feel active, slim and healthy.


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