Lice Dog

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                                                                        LICE DOG

Due to presence of lice dog shows abnormal behaviour. Lice on dogs are rarely found.  The lice that are found in dog are different from that are found in human and cats. The lice of dogs are of two types. The one which feed on the dry skin of dog and the other one is blood sucking lice. This blood sucking lice feeds on the blood of dog which is more dangerous than skin feeding lice.

As forms of lice species specific they do not infest each other. Like Due human infestation of head lice dogs are not affected by it nor get the humans affected by dog’s lice. Lice attack almost all pets. The lice cat is different. The lice that infest cat are of blood sucking type. These lice lead to shading of hairs.  The lice that appear on cat are like white flakes of dandruff and one may even get confuse with it. A lice horse also gets infected by this chewing or blood sucking lice.

When a live dog gets attacked by lice, its suffers depends on density of infestation. Due to lice attack dogs may suffer from itchy skin and red bumps on their body. The other infestations of mites which are faced by dogs are infestation of fleas, chiggers, mites and scabies. Like fleas dog can get rid of lice easily. Lice are visible enough and can be seen through naked eyes. The shape of lice is different from tick dogs. Through scabies dog can spread disease to anyone those who comes in contact of infected dogs. 

When we are treating for mites dogs have many risk to their health. But treating for lice is an easy job. We just need to wash the dog with mild medicated shampoo and after that sprinkle powder that are available in market which keeps on working for a month.

Proper care of pet makes them healthy and free from any nuisance mites and bugs.



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