How Trikisa Helps You to Promote Your Articles For Free!

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Trikisa is a website or rather a blog that lists the best articles that were published on Triond and Bukisa and other article publishing websites.

If you are wishing for more visitors (and who of us is not?) you can leave a comment on any blog entry along with the address of your article.

Trikisa will then review your article and will decide whether to publish it.

You can only win from this website:

Leaving a comment with your link does give you one back link, even if your article should not get published.
Backlinks are important so that search engines can find your article and rate it as important. You could have written the best article in the world, but with no links pointing there, no one will find it.

If your article gets published, you get a second link to your article! And maybe Trikisa does like your other articles too and publish them also! Trikisa also publishes its blog entries to Facebook and Twitter – even more exposure for your work!

Definitely something you should try out.

This is NOT against the rules as this site does not force or pay anyone to visit your articles and generate revenue. We force no one to generate money for you!
We simply increase popularity for you on search engines to push your work higher in search results. And of course, our readers might find your work interesting and add you as a friend.

You can only win and remember: It is absolutely FREE, no money involved.

So, what are you waiting for?

By the way, if you are leaving a comment here, the chances are high that Trikisa will visit your Triond profile *hint hint*.

See you on Trikisa!


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