Video Squeeze Page – Three Undesirable Situations

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Every time when you visit websites or blogs about making money online you can find there a lot of useful information but almost all of them had been written in the same scheme: “you have to …”, “you should …”, etc. These articles are probably great and valuable but sometimes we need to see the things from the different point.

In this article I want to describe some problem from  the other side and warn you against the consequences of those actions. So, read the text below and don’t make these mistakes again.

Creating video squeeze page is not simple. You need to take care about things which are different then on the other websites. When you create such a page you have to avoid complex menu. It is all because the squeeze pages purpose is to get people subscribe, not to browse many of your subpages. You need to convince people to leave their emails before they leave your page.

At the video squeeze page you also have to place everything on one screen because not all of your visitors want to scroll the page to see everything. Therefore, try to avoid numerous “calls to action” as one in your headline and one in the text above the subscription form suffice. Another reason not to do this is that you have limited space for every element on your site.

The last thing I want you to know is the transparency. Sometimes when we want to create the eye-catching page element or the sentence we use fancy graphic or different text formatting, including font size and colors. During all these procedures try not to make your page difficult to read. If you do so, your page will surely deter your readers.

At the end I want to tell you one thing you have to remember: when you create any kind of websites try to understand your potential visitors needs. All you create is for them, not for you.

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