The Market Strategy of Upcoming Cars in India

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The Indian auto Market especially of car is well settled and also is enjoying growth! Now the first thing which would pee up in your mind would have a spark light which takes the manufacturing companies and market structure into picture. The auto companies of different countries and regions are stepping into the Indian auto market as they are finding huge potential for the auto sales in this Asian Country. The companies are not the only reason for higher auto sales potential as the providing sources consists of ‘dealer, sellers and in rare cases pre owners’ are also making the car market more flourished with number of different types and models of cars. The providing sources have direct link with market buyers; this simply means that the ‘supply factor’ is having a parallel walk with that of the ‘demand factor’ of this motor. This gives rise to the economical structure wherein focus on the part of demand and supply is placed. Now for better clarification of this DD and SS process of Indian car market let’s estimate the economical curve for new cars to be launched in India in 2011.

As per the market analysis the overall market structure of the cars launched in 2010 was good and also made a impact-full statement but now the 2011 car’s market is pointing at some thing much more different than the previous year as far as the economical structure is concerned. Its just fortnight of this year but still saying that ‘upcoming cars in India in 2011 will make a blast is right’, as the auto market place of India are really doing well not only in terms of buying and selling but also in terms of growth and expansion. On this basis we can say that the companies and the marketers (buyers and sellers) will really be at advantage in this year.

As we said earlier that this estimate about Indian auto market is made on the basis of market structure of the first fortnight of the first month of 2011 then on this basis lets now brief out the names of motors which are about to blast on the carpet of luxury tagged motor’s category  in this year. So the upcoming cars in India are as follows,

* Chevrolet Sail

* Honda Brio

* Renault Fluence

* Dacia Duster and so on

This was about the new range of upcoming cars in India 2011 which belongs to the branded companies of the auto market. While considering the upcoming luxury tagged motors one more thing which needs to be considered as this thing also takes a spot light and that one more thing is none other then a ‘category’ in which the used tagged motors makes a special mark. As not only the new cars are enjoying greater DD and SS factors in India but also the used cars are greatly demand in the market place as they are the provider of higher benefits at lower cost of purchase. Keeping this thing in mind we have also provided a briefed list of cars which are about to be launched as the upcoming used luxury vehicles. The list is as follows,

* Tata Safari

* Hyundai Santro Xing XL

* Chevrolet Spark

* Tata Indigo XL Dicor

In this manner economical aspect reflects the would-be car market scenario for the upcoming cars in India in 2011. In short saying that the supply structure is enhanced and increased by the companies ‘as the production quantity and line is increasing on a quicker note’ whereas the demand factor is increased by the marketers which are into constant efforts to boost up the buying proportion of the same.


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