Enjoy Your Vacation Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance

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If you are traveling to Mexico via a car, truck or van, you must have auto insurance.  This isn’t a question of maybe or if it is a definite yes.  Maybe you’ve heard people say it isn’t necessary, or “you can risk it,” but the fact is, you do not want to risk driving into Mexico without Mexican Auto Insurance.
Mexican auto insurance is not expensive and you can purchase it via a variety of online sources if you just do the right research.  The simple task of finding the insurance, and the small fee associated with the insurance is well worth it should you get into any vehicular altercations.
Did you know that if you’re in an auto accident of any kind in Mexico and you aren’t equipped with the proper auto insurance then you could go to jail?  And who wants to go to a Mexican jail?  Remember, if you don’t know the language, and don’t have easy access to funds and contacts in the country, getting out of that jail can take quite some time.  Don’t risk it.
Mexican auto insurance can be purchased, though it is not a requirement, with the bonus of legal aid.  This bonus of legal aid is so affordable that you shouldn’t even question whether or not to get it.  But my driving is good, you say.  Sure, maybe it is, but you shouldn’t be worried about your driving; what about the other guy’s driving?  Or how about this:  do you know the roads and rules in Mexico like you do here?  An accident, even if just a small one, isn’t completely out of the question for even the best of drivers.  Again, don’t risk it. 
Mexico is a great vacation destination filled with amazingly beautiful sites, people and food.  Additionally, driving across the boarder is definitely a great option for a lot of weekend travelers and adventure enthusiasts – after all, that surf board isn’t going to fit well onto a plane, right? However, if you’re not prepared ahead of time, your experience can go downhill really fast.


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