Internet Marketing 101

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Internet Marketing is a new but widely expanding tool in implementing business. Many organizations nowadays are investing a lot of their time and resources in promoting their goods and services over the internet. The internet has a vast virtual population and doing business over the internet is very promising.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Aside from being a proven effective marketing tool, internet marketing is inexpensive. Companies are able to reach their target audience for only a small fraction of the usual advertising costs. People living in the internet era use Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) to find information on the web. Online shopping carts make selling and purchasing easier. Even providing and getting different services like online banking is quick and easy with just a click of a button.

Many people who make a midlife career change invest their time and resources in Internet Marketing because the possibilities of earning are great. All online marketing campaigns are measurable and can easily be tested. With the use of different web method like pay per click (PPC), pay per impression and all other means of measuring a campaign’s success, internet marketing is a totally cost-effective way of doing business.

Some Common Areas of Internet Marketing

• Email Marketing – using emails to promote and sell products and services to customers directly.

• Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization – using several search engine techniques to increase a company’s ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

• Display Advertising – placement of web banner advertisements and clickable logos in selected sites to drive traffic to a company’s website.

• Interactive Advertising – using animation and visual tools to promote a product or service.

• Viral Marketing – a marketing technique in which advertisers send interesting information about their products or services to their customers and allow them to pass on the information to other people.

Internet Marketing is a convenient, affordable and effective means for a business to succeed. With online marketing, no matter how small or big your business is, you are given the chance to promote your goods or services to a global market.

While online resources define internet marketing in a simple and easy to understand manner, the process of successfully doing internet marketing is a bit complex. If you want to succeed in internet marketing, you will have to learn all the aspects of it. Without guidance, you are putting your business and investment at high risk. The Six Figure Mentors is a great system to help you learn about, build and market your business online. The Six Figure Mentors has all the cutting edge techniques, tools and resources to help you in your online business success.


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