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I was talking to my friend R; she usually pops in every now and then to hang out. Well, Not really. I am just a stop on the way to the Casino. She was a little subdue today and told me someone she knew was stabbed last week.

The person in question had a boyfriend who demanded something from this girl and she refused. His response… stab her and several times. He ran from the apartment leaving her bleeding on the floor. She crawled to the next-door neighbors house for help, and the ambulance came and took her to the hospital. She survived. 

When she gets out of the hospital she was moving in with R and her roommate. For the first time R seriously considered getting her own place. I advised her a few months prior to get her own place it wasn’t worth having roommates. She apparently liked living with people. She was a single parent.  Me, I liked living alone. The only bedmate is my cat, Irris, and I had to fight him for space.

I looked at her with a little concern, and asked her “Did they put this guy in jail?” She said they captured him and was in jail for attempted murder. What a relief. It reminds me of a time when I had my first apartment, and my roommate asked could a friend come and stay, until she gets some money together to get her place. I said sure. Next thing I know her brother and his friend was living there also.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend had a jealous boyfriend. He turned up while I was home alone, and kind of pushed his way into the apartment. He went room to room acting erratically, demanding to know where she was. He finally left, but five minutes later he was knocking on the door again. I opened the door a crack, determined to not let him slip through again. He says to me ” tell her when she gets back this is waiting for her.” He pulls out a sawed off shotgun.

He then leaves; after he left I got pissed off. Who in the hell did he think he was waving a shotgun at me? I tore into my roommate when she arrived home. Needless to say her little friend moved out. I have not had to many roommates during my lifetime, and I have lived the last 9 years alone, which is fine with me. Who needs the headaches?

Having a roommate can be aggravating, inconvenient, irritating, and yes sometimes dangerous; because not only are you living with the roommate you are being exposed to their associates rather you want to or not. Next time you associate with known psychopaths, think of all the other people around you that might set this fool off.

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