How To Choose A Pay Per Lead Telemarketing Provider Wisely

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I refuse to believe that telemarketing is now a thing of the past. It may be partly true for businesses that have completely embraced the social media hype. But, its indispensability is still evident and its crucial function in the marketing arena is quite obvious with companies continuously using it in their business-to-business (B2B) lead generation activities. For the record, this tool ranks first in response ratio, crushing down other direct marketing tools, including the much-touted online marketing. In terms of reach capability, it falls second to emailing. Nonetheless, the combination of speed and accuracy in most telemarketing calls is a surefire hit. And when service providers introduced a lead generation fee model in the form of buying leads on a pay per lead arrangement, it rated quite well.

But, no matter how efficient telemarketing is, you must not be too relaxed in your choice of a partner. In fact, you have to be very observant and critical in picking a lead provider. This is so because the leads that pay per lead vouches to supply can only be made possible if done properly by the right telemarketing company. Instead of having success, mistake in one’s choice may lead to an unforeseen disaster.

I bet most service providers will showcase a well-crafted presentation or proposal, boasting every single achievement, feature, advantage and benefit. Rarely will they spill the downside. With sweet words and alluring offers, you may find yourself getting baited and being caught off guard.

To ensure that you are partnering with a credible provider, you need to do your homework on researching and evaluating the firm you will be buying qualified sales leads from. Perform a cautious but fair analysis of the provider’s workforce and their processes. Below are helpful tips on selecting a good lead supplier.

1.Schedule a meeting with the person or team who will handle your campaign. During the meeting, you will be able to fire relevant questions, which may include the duration of the program, the processes involved, the kind of technology they have and human resources. In addition, you will be provided information related to previous campaigns that the service provider had accomplished and both parties will be able to set expectations about the campaign.

2.Make a site visit. Seeing how a service provider operates can help in the evaluation process. However, be wary of the surroundings to see if the lead provider is showing a genuine performance or has just arranged a pretentious set-up.

3.Speak with previous and current clients. What past and present clients have to say about the firm will corroborate or refute whatever the telemarketing service provider said to you. The companies that have worked and are working with them can give you enough relevant information to uncover the truth about the provider’s reputation.

4.Meet the agents. Aside from the leaders who will manage your campaign, you should familiarize yourself with the telephone representatives to know who will be generating the leads for you. By doing this, you will an idea of the kind of professionals the telemarketing company employs.

5.Know and understand how the pre-qualification of a sales lead is done. Since it is your goal to buy qualified sales leads and it is the telemarketing firm’s duty to give you that, you have to learn how they qualify a prospect. Does the process seem workable? Is it effective? Can they show real results using their methods?

6.Probe.  Ask questions about the way the service provider gathers and records information.

There is no perfect service provider. But you would not want to be too complacent and fall for the wrong one. So, be wise in your decisions and do not let your guard down.


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