The Music of Inception

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A few weeks ago, the score for The Social Network beat out Inceptionand won a Golden Globe. What is this about? The Social Network, the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, is a good film. It is dark, Fincher-y, and often funny. But its score as I recall it is practically non existent. It does very little for the story, and most of the music in the film is source music, i.e. music that comes from within the scene, that the characters can hear also. This simply does not make sense.

The score for Inception builds like a symphony. I can imagine that listening to the score on my iPod, it would tell me the story, or perhaps move me towards imagining a similar story. From the first four notes of music, combined with the crashing waves on the beach in Limbo, we know a little about what it is we are in for. Hans Zimmer is an amazing composer, and his scores for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are equal when you compare them to Inception, but this one really seals the deal and makes him one of the best composers in Hollywood.

It is not conceivable to me that a minimalist score for a minimalist movie about a minimalist character who created the second most visited website in history could possibly beat out something as dark, dramatic and fascinating as Zimmer’s work on Inception. Can anyone explain this? Or do you perhaps disagree?


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