Mongoose Coffee, One World's Most Expensive Coffee

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Export quality mongoose coffee powder priced 500 dollars to 800 per kilogram while the coffee beans from Panama Hacienda worth 150 dollars per kilogram and coffee St. Helena from Africa sold 100 dollars per kilogram. Way Mengaku, Liwa, Lampung, Indonesia as one of the famous centers of mongoose coffee market in Indonesia they have penetrated the international market and has gained recognition as one of the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world.

Why Mongoose coffee became very expensive coffee? Mongoose coffee is very expensive because of the uniqueness, taste, and processing process is relatively long compared to regular coffee. Unique because the coffee comes from mongoose droppings that have been cleaned, delicious flavor unmatched and processing in order to purify the coffee and mongoose droppings is longer.

What is the secret Mongoose coffee so that they become a delicious, rare and delicious? Mongoose is the key. Mongoose animals love to eat the ripe coffee bean so that coffee farmers picked coffee bean that falls to the ground and can be certain that the coffee is ripe. But for coffee lovers, the ripe coffee was not so good compared with the coffee coming from mongoose poops. The dry mongoose poops commonly called brenjelan by Indonesian.

How to process brenjelan to become delicious mongoose coffee? Mongoose coffee bean that is eaten is not digested completely by the mongoose so that when the mongoose drop poops the coffee is still intact. Plus the mongoose digestive enzymes and the correct purification process, export quality mongoose coffee can be produced. The purification process is to separate the pure mongoose poops which will be discarded form of coffee beans. Purification process of mongoose coffee in the Way Mengaku, Liwa, Lampung has been certified by the Department of Health and certified permitted by the Indonesian Mufti Council so that coffee lovers can enjoy delicious mongoose coffee without doubt.

Is there any mongoose harm to make this coffee? There is no animal harm during the whole process. Only healthy mongoose is allowed to eat the coffee bean and meet animal health standards of the Department of Health. Mongoose eat coffee bean in the coffee forest area or coffee plantations owned by local farmers in the Way Mengaku. Unhealthy mongoose formerly quarantined until cured then released into coffee plantations. For coffee lovers as well as animal lovers will be more confident again enjoy mongoose coffee.

How to distinguish Mongoose coffee and other coffee? For the common people, coffee is just coffee and all coffee-colored brown. Coffee lovers can distinguish the scent of coffee has a different Mongoose coffee from Robusta coffee, Arabica, and other coffee. To obtain further distinction there is no better way than tasting mongoose coffee. Just try and feel the delicious of mongoose coffee made in Indonesia.


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