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What is the website Squidstop you ask? This is a website that is a bookmarking site. Squidstop similar to bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit. People who join the website are able to share what they find on the internet, and they do this by simply sumbitting a bookmark.

Now that you know what Squidstop is, you probably want to know how it works. Well once you join Squidstop, you will be able to post bookmarks. You post bookmarks from your user account, and it is very easy to publish bookmarks on Squidstop.

By now you are probably wondering how do you make money with Squidstop, and as of now, there is two main ways to make money on Squidstop. The first way is via Google Adsense, and the second way is to refer people to join and use Squidstop, and you will make a certain amount of money when your referrals make money.

Squidstop is quickly gaining populairty, so now is the best time to join the website. The website is still rather new, and under a year old. It is usually a good thing if people become members of a new site because getting referrals for a new website tend to be easier to do. A person should be able to get a few new referrals to use Squidstop, since the site is still kind of new.

Squidstop is free to join, and everytime you leave another member a comment on their bookmark you get points, and you also get points when you publish a bookmark on Squidstop. As of now the points are not used for anything but the website does say that sooner or later the points will be good for purchasing stuff on Squidstop, such as links.

Squidstop is a great website that you should join.


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