Really World? Really?! Episode One-Lights

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Before I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, I lived in very quiet and isolated neighborhoods. However, when I moved here, I lived in very condensed neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where other people actually lived. Since I live in gated communities, the house was right next to the street. This meant that there was a street light right next to my window, and it was on the entire night. This light was bright, too. It was like they put the strongest lights they could find and put it into the streetlight right next to my window, and nobody else’s window. My little wood shutters really did little justice for shutting out the light, so I could barely go to sleep at night. The reason was clear, it was because of the stupid light that was on 24/7. 

Well, I couldn’t whine too much, because there was a curtain store 5 minutes away. I went there and got curtains. I put them onto my window, and I waited till nighttime to see how the curtains would do. Well, it was around 9 o clock, and the curtains were doing okay, but light was still streaming in from the window. Well, I figured that there was no other choice but to appreciate that I had curtains and to just go to bed. Eventually I got used to it, but I still wish I could have just torn that streetlight out of the ground and chuck it 50 feet away from our neighborhood into a grassy plain, and then fill the hole up so nobody would notice. However, I didn’t think that was possible at the time and I strongly doubt it today.

After a few years of living there, I moved into an apartment, where I currently live now. This apartment is definitely nice, but the thing is, we have an office building directly across from my window. The problem with this building, apart from the fact that their alarms go off at midnight about 2 days a week, was that they had one more floor than our building does. I didn’t mind this at all, because it seemed there was no reason to. However, I realized that this would get very irritating. A few months after I moved in, they started to do construction on that floor. Probably putting in offices or whatnot. For some reason, they had installed very dim lights onto that floor, and they left them on overnight. At first, the lights were dim and it made the building look kinda cool, and it was pretty epic to be on the balcony and look up on a half constructed almost haunted looking office building. But for some reason, they finished construction and put in actual lights. This is when I got annoyed. These actual lights put out so much energy, and, of course, they left them on overnight.

I bought some more curtains, but the problem was, the floor with the lights in it was above my floor. This meant that the light came in from above, and that meant there was no way of stopping the light. Well, this means that I’ll just have to deal with it for a long time until they realize that keeping the light on is gradually killing our environment and we will eventually have to plummet into an ice age where half of the human population will die off. Then they’d realize that they should save me some trouble and turn off the lights every once in a while.


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