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If you are interest in making money by eBay auction, this is the place to start. All information is tested and will make you succeed early.Learn the articles below and you will earn many dollars in short time.

Without having basic knowledge of how an eBay business works at all you can’t succeed on eBay. Becoming one of the top eBay sellers you have to start from the easiest level, which is the core you need to fulfill. It doesn’t matter if you are a new seller or an old one; it is never too late to fulfill this essential part and get better results in your business.

One of the worst things that can happen on eBay is to receive negative feedback from the buyer. Because as you know, eBay applied a rule a few years ago that only buyers can leave negative feedback, leaving a seller with no chance to do the same.Negative feedback can really ruin your eBay business and can stop your sales. You need to get hundreds of positive feedbacks if you want to cover just one negative feedback.
 A lot of negative feedbacks are left for eBay sellers every day; I have to be honest with you, I also had few times where I received negative feedback, I don’t remember how many exactly, but maybe 4-5. And most of them were left because the buyer was right.

Stop and think this; the buyer choose you, that means you are the best choice for him and if something is wrong he will be disappointed and leave negative feedback because in this way he can say that the seller wouldn’t help him solve any problems.

Most of the time people, before leaving negative feedback, try to contact you or solve the problem but the sellers think that this is not their problem and don’t deal with it. If you are the seller, you are responsible for correcting any mistakes or problems, not just selling the product.Buyers are not stupid. They are real humans and have feelings. They don’t want to ruin your business; they just want your help solving the issue that happened during the transaction, that’s all.


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