Her Big Protector

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Her Big Protector

Dog and Baby waitingDog and Baby waiting

This photograph, taken some ten years ago, shows a lovely baby in a push chair, with a dog tied up to it. The little girl is about one year old, she is dressed for the park with her new trainers on, but securely strapped in her push chair so she cannot wander, and watched over by a very protective dog.

She is wondering how much longer they will have to wait, her expression is a little peeved, as walks on a sunny day usually involve going to the park, and being pushed on a swing. She wants to practice her walking, which she has just achieved, and the world is a very interesting place, with all sorts of things to touch, taste, and explore.

She knows that after going to the park, although she will have to get back in her pushchair, the route back goes past a shop, where she will have a treat such as sweets or an ice cream. She doesn’t understand patience yet, she will find out as she gets older, that adults have to do such mundane things as locking the door, and putting their coat on, before her adventure can begin.

The dog is also feeling that she wants to get going, but she knows the routine that her mistress goes through every time they go out. She is proud to guard such precious cargo. She loves the baby, and would not allow anyone to take her away. She is 100% reliable, and her mistress knows she can trust her.

She has learned to be patient, because in the end she will run freely in the park, play ball even, then after she will be quite happy to be tied up by the gate to the children’s play ground , whilst her mistress pushes the baby on the swing. So she sits there obediently, but cannot resist a quick sideways peek at the cat next door,
which is taking advantage of the fact she is tied up, by sunning itself on the front lawn.

She makes a mental note to chase it later, when she is off the lead, and doesn’t have any responsibility towards this baby, who is so much a part of her family. Until then, she will do as her mistress has said, and ” Guard her with your life!



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