Can Certian Diets Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally?

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The answer to the question “Can certain diets out there lower your cholesterol?”

“diets lower cholesterol

Heart Disease can be caused by high cholesterol levels. An important part of keeping your body healthy is by having a healthy low cholesterol diet. If you are overweight losing some of those pounds will really help to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body and increase the production of good cholesterol. Exercise is also very important in maintaining a healthy body. It can also help to reduce high cholesterol levels. You may or may not know that your genetics determine how much cholesterol your body will produce.

Cutting the amount of bad cholesterol by ten to twenty percent or more will improve the health of your heart. An Easy way to make your diet more cholesterol friendly would be replacing the trans-fat margarine or butter you use, with canola oil or olive oil. Also eating more vegetables and fish. These foods are rich in healthy fats. You can also use white vinegar instead of butter to keep the pan moist when cooking, not only will this not affect how great your food tastes, but it will also help to lower cholesterol levels.

It is important to eat foods that are rich in good cholesterol. If you opt for a diet that has you eating low fat high-carbs, this can also raise your cholesterol to unhealthy levels. Avoiding foods with high-carbs is also a good step in maintaining a healthy diet. Your liver only produces about 75% of the cholesterol that you need. All the rest comes from whatever you eat. It is important not to make up the calories you lose by eating lower cholesterol foods with foods that contain heavy amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. This will not lower cholesterol, but instead will raise it as you liver goes into a famine state and overproduces cholesterol in order to make up the difference. Until you eat cholesterol again, you will remain in a famine state. In conclusion having a low-cholesterol, high-carbohydrate diet can raise your cholesterol to dangerous levels as well.

So as I have mentioned above having low cholesterol not only prevents you from having heart disease but will also help you live a much healthier life. If you follow these tips you should definitely see results in your cholesterol levels within just a few weeks. You won’t have to be a statistic of heart disease and other health problems any longer and can enjoy the freedom that a healthy body gives you. Remember it is also important to have a good exercise routine, this will ensure that you keep your cholesterol at a low level.

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