Babies Socializing

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It’s really important for babies to learn how to socialize with each other and the perfect place to do it is at a Mom and Tots group… If there isn’t one handy, try to start one yourself. I’m sure that a lot of moms will be eager to join. It’s a great way to introduce the fact that you don’t need to be in the room with them the entire time. And yes, this can be hard in the early days. I can remember a lot of screaming whenever I walked out of the room, but it wasn’t too long before the toys scattered in the room would catch his attention and I was able to leave the room and chat with some of the other moms. It was a break for me too!

And did I mention sharing… it’s a great time for babies to learn to share too! That’s a great lesson to learn and the earlier the better!


And here is my checklist of some of the most important things I can remember 🙂 Hope that they help!!


  1. Read every book you can get your hands on. The library has tons and as for titles, ask your doctor what she or he thinks is a good starter book for a newly pregnant woman.

  2. Eat well… actually eat better than you have ever done before. This new little baby inside of you is relying on you.

  3. Try to set a routine for yourself so that you can have one already set in place when the baby arrives.

  4. Try not to keep the house silent when the little one arrives. If they are used to noise, they will be able to sleep through anything! Trust me… you will want that! If they wake up at every little noise, you are sunk!

  5. Try to make as much of your own baby food as possible, but remember to keep the seasonings out of it.

  6. I still remember the teething period. That has to hurt and my mom told me about dampening a facecloth and then sticking it into the freezer. My two little guys loved to chew on it. It must have felt so good on their little gums!


  1. It’s time to send them off to school. Be sure to take a photo of them on their very first day. If you let it go by, you won’t get it back! It’s something that you will treasure forever!

  2. After school… they are going to want to go out and get dirty. Let them. My two always came home and instantly changed their clothes so that they could go out and play. Their play clothes could get dirty… I didn’t care! Kids get dirty!! What’s the problem with that lol??

  3. Be sure that there is a time set aside when they do their homework. It just makes it easier if it’s a set time. It doesn’t interfere with their playtime, their dinner or their bedtime.

  4. Be prepared to help with their homework… and yes, sometimes this is going to hurt big time!! Math was never my strong point but I managed!


As much as they will hate it, I always set curfews. No, they didn’t like it, but at least I knew where they were and what time they would be home. We did have an extenuating circumstance rule though. If they could make it, they HAD TO PHONE HOME… REGARDLESS OF THE TIME.

And none more rule… probably the most important of all. Under no circumstances were they to drive home if they were drinking. They were to call us to come and pick them up. It happened once for us. My son was at a party with a group of his friends… (he was the driver) There was a snow storm and he had been drinking. He sheepishly called, got his father out of bed to come and get him. He followed the rule and everyone got home safely. As you can imagine, his dad was not to pleased but a rule is a rule. I’m hoping that when he has kids he will set the same rule. It just might have saved all of their lives that night!


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