How to Find IP Address of Your Computer

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While surfing, you are often asked about the IP of your Computer. At that time we need a quick solution upon how to find the IP of our computer. Its not necessary to always remember the IP of your computer. You can know the same by simply following some simple steps. 

  • 1. Go to the Start menu, go to Run, and type “CMD” in the dialog box (without the quotes.)

  • 2. Now you should see a dark (DOS) window that looks just like the picture on the left of this article step.

    Without the quotes, type “IPCONFIG” and press ENTER.

  • 3

    Now you should see some network information, along with the IP ADDRESS of your computer listed.

    ===- END -===

  • 4

    The following steps are OPTIONAL:

    If more information is needed, other than the IP address, type the following from the same DOS box described in step two: IPCONFIG /ALL

    This will provide you with more network information on your computer. Its purposes may vary.

  • 5

    There are also websites available that can provide your computer IP, such as

  • 6

    If you have a router/network set up, please note that the initial steps above will only show you the network’s IP from the router. For example, if you have a Linksys router installed, and perform the IPCONFIG command, it will show you something like “192.168.1.x” as opposed to your computer’s local/root address. For this reason, following STEP 5 above may be useful.


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