What Dreams Mean?

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We often have repeating dreams. The repetition may not be exactly the same, yet they are very similar, only expressed in another way. Some are indeed very frightening, and others are entertaining that we wish on dreaming them again. It is simply natural to make sense of these dreams, to better understand them because in return, doing so will give us more peace of mind and quiet. Here are the interpretations of some common dreams.

“Run! Fast! Run!”

Some dreams feature us being pursued by an attacker – whether it be an animal, a monster, someone we know, and sometimes an unknown figure, who wants to pursue or possibly kill us. Instinctively, we flee, run and hide from the pursuer. These dreams represent how we respond to various situations in real life.  It can be a fear, pressure, or a problem we are running away from. So instead of confronting it, we flee and avoid the issue. The distance between us and the pursuer indicates the closeness to the problem. A wider gap means we successfully distance ourselves and the problem is essentially fading. However, it is suggested we turn around and face the pursuer next time we have such dreams. The attacker may represent an aspect of ourselves, our own feelings of anger, jealousy and even love projected into a shadowy figure, that must be addressed and confronted. If we are the one doing the chasing, then the dream may highlight our drive and ambition to go after something we want. Or perhaps the dream suggests that you are falling behind and having to catch up with everyone else.

“I’m a plane! I’m a bird!”

Accordingly, flying dreams are lucid dreams where one becomes aware of dreaming.  Flying is representative of our own sense of power. If in the dream we are flying with joy and ease, it means we are on top of a situation, have risen over something, or have gained a new and different perspective in life. If we are having difficulties in flying, this indicate a lack of confidence on our part and loss of control with circumstances. Obtacles in the dream symbolize someone or  something standing in our way in the real life. We can not really fly; hence, such dreams can be representative of things beyond our limitations, of strong mind and will, and of greater sense of freedom.

“Why, I always brush my teeth!”

In these dreams, we either see our teeth falling out one by one, or our teeth crumbling in our hands, or that they rot. Teeth convey an image of attractiveness. Hence, such dreams reflect our anxiety about our appearances, which may stem out from a fear of rejection, consequences of getting old, and the like. On the other hand, teeth are used to bite, tear, chew and gnaw – meaning,  teeth are symbols of power. So falling teeth can also mean powerlessness, being unprepared for tasks at hand, difficulties of expression, and frustration from being not heard. Other interpretations of falling teeth include sickness of a family member or close friend, us telling lies, or us being more trusting to man than to God.

“Finish  or not finish!”

We may sometimes find ourselves taking an exam in a dream, yet not able to answer the questions. Or perhaps, we arrive late and cannot take the exam anymore, or that time has run out, or that our pencil is broken. Whichever, these dreams have to do with self-esteem and confidence. You may be put to a test in real life or being scrutinized in some way. Likewise, it can signify fear of being rejected, being unprepared for a challenge, or not being good enough. These dreams are not really about the content of the test but more about the process and the feelings involved parallel to real life. Test dreams also indicate that you are being judged.

“I’m falling!”

Like most common dream themes, falling represent insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. Fall dreams may reflect our relationship with work environment. We have lost foothold and can no longer keep up with our busy lives. These dreams also indicate a sense of failure in some circumstance or conditions in job, school, and love among others.


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