New Astrology Signs And Our Concerns

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Many women especially like to keep their original horoscope signs. It tends to speak more personal to women. I was always an Aries, bur still have the birthstone diamond. This was one symbol I think about in a special way. Diamonds have, and always will represent a stone that is unique. Women in particular like to represent themselves with their birthstone as a precious symbol of their identity. Why can’t people keep their astrology signs along with the beautiful birthstones’ that just perfectly seem to fit together?

The new findings in the astrology world have turned many people into unsure thinkers about how they should think about their new astrology signs. I’m now a Pisces, and am unsure of how I should feel about the diamond of a birthstone symbol that the month seems to fit hand in hand with like a glove.

I’ve heard people say that they are staying with the same astrology sign, no matter what experts have told the world. Things in this world tend to change more rapidly everyday, I’m afraid this is one of them.

People in today’s society should try to think of change as a good thing. Many changes going on in the world today can help people adjust to bigger changes in the years to come.

Look at the many storm victims that have lost their homes, and had to rebuild them. These types of changes are a lot harder than getting use to a different astrology sign. Changes are often hard to cope with, or just hard to understand. Change can also help us realize that life in general grows, and changes daily.

I’ve chosen to accept my given new astrology sign with an outlook of the promise of an exciting year of new adventures. God made the world with many people that are constantly looking to understand it. They must come up with a lot of different ideas. Some may be great; others may need a lot of work. What will all our signs mean to us for 2011? It really doesn’t start from the stars. It started from the beginning of time. If the people of this world are just brave enough to try to figure it all out. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt, open up our eyes, ears, and hearts, and really listen to the echoes of what the world’s greatest seekers are trying to find out, and share with the rest of the world.

This is my opinion about this topic of discussion. What is yours?

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