Why Observing Children May Solve Writer’s Block

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Children are magnificent! They can almost immediately make up a story, by playing with the cutest stuffed animals. They don’t need to ponder too long for a great story to be on the tip of their tongues.

Writer’s can learn a lot from children. Children don’t have imagination blocks very often. They can play all day thinking of great stories about almost anything they start to play with. They want to get as many children, or adults in on the great imagination filled room of action.

Sharing about my time with children

Sierra and Rylei are two children I watch often.  They both have great imaginations. Sierra the oldest child amazes me every time she plays alone, or by herself. She can almost instantly start playing with a toy, and build many great stories from it.

The other day Sierra was playing with several stuffed animals that were cats. She built a story around them. They visited each other, took trips to far off places. Made sure while one cat was traveling that one of the other cats would be checking in on the one left at home.

Sierra has a great imagination. I asked her once to tell me a story, and I typed as she told it to me. This made her feel that I believed her story was a great one. Every time she comes over I wonder what stories she’ll come up with next.

Her sister Rylei is 2 yrs old. She has captured her sister’s great imagination early on in her life. Yesterday when she came over, she started pretending we were in a car. She would make a whooshing sound more than once. She was fastening our seat belts. If I would move, she quickly informed me I was still buckled in, and that I had to sit still.

Rylei also enjoys playing tea party, like most children do. She gets all involved if someone pretends to be sick. She covers them up, and gives them tea. She’ll make play-doe pancakes, and many other food items to feed her friends she is playing with.

The simplest toys can entertain children. Rylei sometimes takes my set of coasters, and lines them up. She’ll put the box at one end, and place her toy cars on it. She calls the coaster box a garage, and coasts her toys car right into the well planned out garage.

Children learn a lot from adults, and adults can learn from children. Writers should watch children more often. Children are a wonder to behold. Why not watch one or two today, and see how your writer’s block soon goes away.

Share a moment of your time today with a child, and see where your imagination takes you. What far off places will be visited? Seat belts on everybody; let imagination fill your minds with as much as it can hold.


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