Rescue by Usps Worker…

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On January 26, 2011, In Urbana Illinois a USPS worker began the rescue of a local Elderly lady, which he delivered the mail to regularly.

This USPS worker noticed that she hadn’t picked up her mail on Saturday when he thought he had saw her last. He knew this wasn’t like her; the 79 year old woman lived alone and faithfully picked up her mail every day that it was

But the USPS worker had an unsettling feeling, felt the need to contact the local police.  This lead helped the woman being released, where she had been trapped in her bedroom closet for at least 66 hours.

The Local USPS mail carrier has worked for the Post Office more than 21 years, had gotten used to seeing and chatting with customers, and sort of looking after them.

But this really got him to thinking, because he heard the TV on, and then knocked, but no answer.  Then he noticed the door wasn’t completely shut. As he yelled of the Elderly Woman and there wasn’t an answer.  He decided to call the local police and medical personnel at once.  As soon as they arrived he left to finish his route.

Her house had been ransacked, and now they could hear the elderly woman, following her voice it leads to the bedroom, where she was found in the closet that had a large cabinet pushed up against the door. 

She wasn’t shy when it came to letting them know she was in the closet and she couldn’t get out.  The police moved the cabinet, to find the Elderly woman still lucid, and then began to tell the police what had happened to her. 
Although it was painful for her to talk about what had happened, she was visibly shaken but she calmly waited for the ambulance people to come.

Relaying that after 7:00 pm on Friday, someone knocked at her door.  She asked who it was, and the
young man answered back.  I am looking for Jack have you seen him?  She opened the door.

The young man was around 20, wearing dark clothes and gloves; he rushed in and banished a knife to the elderly woman.  At this time he wanted to know where she kept her cash and valuables.

He physically pulled her and pushed her around her own house, and demanded her to tell him. Then he punched her in the face, and forced her into the closet where she was found.

Everyone was glad that his intentions weren’t to kill her.

She is in the hospital and in good condition.

The USPS worker was the breaker in this case.  She was lucky that he has worked the same route for years, and knew most everyone and their habits.


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