Lucanix Vaccine Expanded Access Trial Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Innovative Research Center of California (IRCC) is an independent, dedicated research facility that specializes in new treatments for Oncology and Medicine. IRCC’s team of investigators and research coordinators have decades of experience performing clinical investigative trials. IRCC’s mission is to assist in advancing science and the development of novel treatments, while always keeping the study volunteer’s best interest the primary focus.

IRCC is actively working with NovaRx to enroll patients in a research study of Lucanix, an investigational lung cancer vaccine. This vaccine is currently in Phase III trials. The entry criteria for this FDA approved trial are strict and there will be a number of patients who won’t qualify for the study. In an effort to increase access to Lucanix, IRCC has been chosen as the first U.S. research center by NovaRx to provide an “Expanded Access” trial of Lucanix to a limited number of qualified research participants. Only individuals who do not qualify for the Phase III trial will be eligible for screening for the expanded access protocol.

The cost of administrating this FDA approved trial must currently be borne by the research participant. As of now, there is no financial assistance available for the expanded access study. IRCC is currently working to enlist assistance from philanthropic “Angels” to help defer these costs for qualified research subjects. There is no guarantee of acceptance into this trial and there are criteria for the protocol that must be met. This study is for research purposes to help in the approval of a potentially life-saving drug. It must be made clear that there may be no benefit at all to the research subject as the therapy is still investigational and is thus, unproven. Neither NovaRx nor IRCC is obligated to provide the vaccine to anyone unless they qualify to enter a study that is still open for enrollment and they properly follow the requirements for the study.

We encourage everyone to evaluate all available treatment options – including other studies and therapies. Everyone needs to choose the treatment that best fits their needs.


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