Bad Breath – How to Find Out Whether we Have it

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            Although there are orthodontists and products, which help us to fight against the bad mouth diseases, there are people who are preserved about everything related with teeth and just do nothing. To be frank this is quite irresponsible behavior because the only way to prevent definite ailment is the constant and proper struggling with the unpleasant mouth conditions. However, there are illnesses, which are reckoned for less dangerous, but the truth is that there aren’t any. So in this sense, we need to be quite aware from each ailment in order to take measures as more proper as possible. Precisely for that reason, I want to give an example with the presence of the bad breath. Therefore, in the next sections below we are going to discuss the causers, the damages and how we can fight with this mouth disease.

            First and utmost, the bad breath can be examined as two different illnesses. I mean that there are two main categories of causers for the appearing of the bad breath. The first is when we have eaten or drunk something that generates the bad smell. In this case there isn’t anything for which we are supposed to worry. Even the bad habits like the smoking can provoke the presence of that disease. However, the cigarettes are quite damaging for our health as well. They are able to harm the lunges and mouth. However, the other form of the bad breath is that from which we must be afraid of. Its scientific name is halitosis. Bacteria carriers of the halitosis evoke it, so this is the reason for the scientific name of the bad breath. How we can become victims of the foul breath, the ways and reasons are many. The most encountered ones are related with our not so proper and often hygiene. Therefore, we need to observe the hygiene in order to prevent any further problems with the foul breath.

            Secondly, when we are already contaminated with the bacteria of the bad breath, our mouth becomes very hostile to them. I mean that, this is the place from where the germs feed and develop. The essence of their eating represents the using of the junks stuck between the teeth. Moreover, the agents of the halitosis can eat the food, which is processed in our stomach. Hence, what they need is the protein, which is contented in our food. After time, the bacteria of the foul breath develop in such way that the appearing of the yellow and sticky plaque is provoked. The consequences of its presence are obvious for everybody, the ruining of the teeth’s enamel. Subsequently, there are new decaying cavities.

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