How to Block Facebook – No 1. Productivity Killer

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With growth in popularity of social networking sites, including Facebook as one of them, there is noticeable growth of people who are becoming addicted to these sites and the need to limit access to them arises. According to one study, workers who spend too much time on facebook could be costing companies over $100 a day. Approximately 190 million hours are lost every month as a result of employees spending time on mentioned web site.

Another study is showing that employees who seem to be spending only 29 minutes daily on facebook are actually costing companies 2 fully paid work days. It is obvious why company owners are trying to block access to this most popular social network site.

How to block facebook

The best way to block facebook is by using software called FB Limiter. FB Limiter comes with simple installation, easy to use interface and it is password protected so nobody can use it without proper authentication. Users are in position to limit access to mentioned web site, if not completely, just to one hour a day for example. It is worth telling that all major proxies that enable reaching facebook site will be, also, blocked.This simple to use application enables to block facebook by using following features:

–   Normal lock feature that allows to block facebook by using on/off switch

–   Time lock  feature with half an hour precision for time blocking(e.g. Allow your employees to use facebook only on breaks)

–   Total lock  feature that enables to block this mentioned site for specific time duration without chance to unblock it during that period

FBlimiter is designed to answer the one question that business owners are asking themselves more and more: How to block facebook?

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