Sea Hunt: Hermes

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Sea Hunt: Hermes was the 19th episode from the 2nd year of this unique underwater adventure series that starred Lloyd Bridges as diving expert, Mike Nelson.  In that role, Bridges does a lot of narration to let viewers know what is happening in much of the action that occurs beneath the surface of the ocean.

This episode guest stars Anthony George, who actually was on several episodes of the show.  The other guest star is Lisa Gaye and she, too, was on numerous shows.  In this one, she is fun because she really goes after Nelson.  Unfortunately, it’s all part of a plan that concerns protecting her interests.

Gaye plays Philana, a Greek woman who actually gets a kiss from Nelson.  The romance angle is hinted at from time to time in this show, but in truth, playboy Nelson isn’t shown snuggling and cuddling, to so speak, all that often.

George is Elias Storm, a Greek sponge diver who has found a valuable statue on the ocean floor.  With Nelson diving in the area, Elias and Philana are afraid he’ll find the statue.

That ultimately creates the mystery of the show and the danger for Nelson, especially when the couple lay out a minefield in the area.

What doesn’t work is when Nelson gets hit with a nice size rock and is barely injured.  That just isn’t realistic at all, especially when he goes diving right away.

The filming of the show is such as to really show off Gaye’s beauty and that of the area, though it wasn’t filmed anywhere near Greece.


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