Why Social Media Marketing Over Other Types of Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing has a lot of advantages over other types of marketing. Here are some benefits.

Once you put something on the web, you never have to take it down and it doesn’t have to disappear. So while it is relevant right now and can be found right now, it can continue to work for you long beyond the here and now.

When you upload video, it can live on the video sites for years, potentially forever, as compared to a short TV commercial which may have a life span of 30 seconds.

When you post an article or blog, it may be found and read today, but it also goes into the Internet archives and can be read for years to come.

People who find your content are looking for your content, generally speaking.

People search for what they want on the Internet, so if they find you, they are likely looking for content like your’s. This engages them on their timetable, unlike a TV, radio, or newspaper spot that may or may not be on their timetable.

People spend more time on the Internet than on any other technology medium.
During the week of October 3rd, 2010, thirty million people played the Facebook game Farmville, while only twenty-four million people watched the most popular TV show of the time, “Dancing With the Stars.” (according to mashable)

Social Media is more engaging.

Yes, I know everyone reading this article has probably shouted at the TV a time or two…but did the TV answer you? A engaging social media presence gives customers/clients a chance to interact with your business. Dr. Pepper posts a question on their Facebook page every morning… and guess what? Hundreds, even thousands, of people respond every single day. Care to guess what this daily interaction triggers in their brains? (I theorize that this is why my wife buys Dr. Pepper by the 24 pack.)

Social Media is more affordable.

While social media may be costly, it certainly gets more bang for the buck so to speak. Actually, compared to every other type of marketing, I can almost guarantee you’ll get more profit per dollar spent in social media, as opposed to most other forms of marketing. Now of course for legal reasons I won’t promise that, but you get the idea.

Social Media just plain beats out the competition.

TV ads are becoming ineffective because of DVR’s and TURBO’s, not to mention the fact they are short. A YouTube video on the other hand is not limited to 30 seconds, and it is being broadcast 24/7.

Most people get their news online, which is running many newspapers into bankruptcy. An ad in the paper is only good for one day while an ad on Facebook can get you a follower for life!

Radio ads are like a shotgun effect…you put your ad out and hope someone is listening and will respond. In social media and online advertising you can customize your ad campaigns to only reach those who are most likely to purchase your product.
Billboards are in one place, at one time, and can only affect the people going by it at that point in time. Social media can be in multiple places at multiple times for the same amount of money.

On and on the list goes! While these forms of marketing can all be part of the marketing mix, social media is a much better place to have a presence.

What are your thoughts on Social Media Marketing and how it compares to other forms of marketing? We’d love to have you join our conversation on Facebook.


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