Dating Advice For Women: Getting Over A Break UP

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Break-ups happen and are sometimes inevitable. Over time, people and their environments change. However, with dating advice for women, you can find piece in knowing that break-ups are normal and sometimes necessary for growth. However, regardless of why you broke up, you still have to move on.

Like it or not, you are not exempt from break-ups. Surely, every relationship has the potential to start and suddenly stop. Picking up the pieces can be hard, but you must find a way to start over and look forward to life. For starters, you must accept the break up. If you’ve been replaying the events in your mind, now is the time to stop. If you’ve been moping around hoping that you ex will mysteriously show up at your doorstep; stop. Though this could happen, you don’t want to sit around ‘waiting’.

Many women love to be in relationships, and even when it’s over they are still trying to salvage things. If you are one of those women, please think twice before spending all of your time trying to get your ex back. I’m not saying that relationships can’t be fixed once their over. I’m just pointing out the fact that you need to be sure the other person feels the same way. Ideally, when a man is done with a woman, it is rare that he changes his mind. Men are not problem solvers and they have very little patience with relationships. If you’re not married, he will be more reluctant to mend the broke pieces. You may think this is a harsh mentality, but it’s not.

Men are very emotional people. Though you can’t see his pain, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Men are quick to fill voids. While you’re home sobbing in your pillows, he is more likely having a night out with his friends. You should do the same. The best way to get over something old is to get on with something new! You don’t have to go looking for a date in order to have a good time, just simply call up a friend and go have dinner. If you must talk about you ex, try to do so in a positive way. It will be easier to let him go when you think of the good things that happened during your relationship as opposed to the bad. Remember it takes more energy to be mad, than it does to be happy. Carrying anger will prevent you from being open to the possibilities of a great life.

If you find yourself always wanting to call you ex, try calling a good friend instead. Since the invention of cell phones, it is rare for most people to memorize phone numbers. If his number is still in your phone, erase it until the urge to call is no longer present. Just to be clear, there are many couples who go through break-ups and are able to talk regularly. However, there are some who talk and redundantly end up discussing their break-up; which could become stressful.

Above all else, remember to love yourself and that you are not alone. This is a normal part of life that you may have to experience several times before finding your soul mate. Don’t give up. Trust that you made the right decision and move on with life. Once you have healed think about what you’ve learned and what you can contribute to your next relationship.


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