Mount Nebo – Hikers Are Welcomed

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MountNebo is located in the Western Jordan in United States. It is the highest mountain which is at the height of approximately 2300 feet above the sea level. When the survey was taken in 1970 the northern peak was found to be the highest among the other peaks. The part of the Mount Nebo is been covered with almost snow in the winter season from October to July. Most of the people from various towns come here to visit this place and majority of the hikers hike here. It is the favorite destination of many hikers around the globe. It is a pilgrimage place to many of the Christians. Most of the Judaism, Christianity and Islam have faith in this mountain. Mount Nebo according to the ancient tradition is the same mountain where the Moses saw the Promised Land before dying. In the Bible if you will read then you may come in notice the connection between the Moses and the Mount Nebo? Across the Jericho and from the plains of Moab, Moses climbed many miles of this mountain. There are many attractions in Mount Nebo including modern sculptures made by an Italian artist, Memorial church of Moses which was build as a modern church with spectacular structure. When you enter the church there is a spot to the left side known as old Baptistery. In the church you can see there are many mosaics in the side and the nave. To reach to Mount Nebo you can take a bus from Madaba and can go by walking or can hire a taxi. The best time to visit here is in between April to October or in November to March.

Battle Abbey is located in the East Sussex in the England country. This building is built as a Battle of Hastings and was dedicated to St. Martin. The Battle Abbey is now operated by the English Heritage and named as 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield. This site was established in the year 1066 on 14th October. Battle Abbey was named when the Norman Duke William was conquered and defeated the King Harold. Right on the battlefield with the churches altar Battle Abbey was built. It is the best popular place to visit and one can just accommodate here with their families, friends. If you are planning for a one day trip then it is the perfect place to explore. There are various places and spots which are the attraction of Battle Abbey. At the entrance of the site you can see the tower on the high street at the small town of the battle which is a guest house. There is a museum which contains various exhibition and illustration of the lives of monks in the Museum of Abbey Life. The east wing contains the gift shop and the ticket counter. At the west side at the gatehouse there is an exhibition and café. In this place people mostly pass through the Abbey school which is built in abbot quarters. Abbey church, crypt, guest range quarters, cellars, monks terrace and lot more are been the attraction of Battle Abbey. To reach here in this place one can come by private buses or can just drive your own car to this place either from southern coast of England or from London. There are many facilities available for the visitors with local food stalls, café, toilets and lot more.

Pershoreis blessed on the River Avon 10 miles away from Worcester and 6 miles from Evesham. One can reach here by railing from London and also by buses. Pershore is an unspoiled frame which contains market town, Georgian architectures, Abbey and many villages with spectacular view. This place is renowned as the independent shop with the extensive range of purchasing. Pershore is so beautiful place that it attracts many of the people and force them to visit here. There are various shops which provide every item or products which one needs are found less than one roof. For entrainment clubs, pubs and restaurants attracts them to enjoy and have a fun in this place. The buildings here are been along with the bridge street and the broad street. The charm and elegance of the Pershore inspires many people and among them is the famous poet John Betjeman. The heritage here is the book library at the town side. If you are a nature lover then one can just go in the Delphinium Flower Fields for various flowers. It is also recorded in the Guinness books of record for the largest carpet of flowers. There are even many events held with art and crafts, food and drink and lot more around the year.


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