Worries About Belly Weight Gain

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Anyone with more than forty or fifty pounds of extra weight to lose probably worries about it much of the day each day of the week. Weight has a way of consuming lives, and those that want to get rid of extra pounds obsess about it a lot. Though there are always health benefits to losing even a little weight, those that have a lot around the middle have different health risks and should take extra care in trying to whittle the extra away. Belly weight gain can be especially dangerous, especially to women.

If you have what is called an apply shape rather than a pear shape, you have had excess belly weight gain. Some women gain in different places at different rates, but if relatives have gained around the middle more than in any other area, you are prone to do the same. Though no amount of weight is a good idea, those with an apple shape are the ones that have the highest risks to their health if they do not take some of that weight off. Rates are heart attack and diabetes appear to be higher for apple shaped women in comparison to pear shaped.

Don’t fall for the products that claim they are going to help you get rid of belly weight gain. These can not work in the way that they claim, though they can be helpful. There are very few things that can actually target a single area of the body so that you can slim down in that area first or only in that area. When it comes to dieting to get rid of belly weight gain, you have to diet for your entire body. Each body builds and gets rid of fat in its own way, so think of losing weight overall to get rid of what is on your mid section.

Exercises that target the middle of your body are not going to work to get rid of fat if you are not dieting. These exercises will tone that area by building up those muscles, but they can not rid you of the excess fat cells in the area. Only a weight loss diet can do that. You can definitely use toning exercises for that area, but an overall exercise program is going to be more beneficial in the long run because it helps the whole body and aids in weight loss. Do both targeted exercises for your belly and overall exercise for best results.

You may never be able to get rid of all of your belly weight gain. Having babies can often leave the slimmest women with five pounds they simply can not shake. Your metabolism, age, and your genetic disposition for hanging on to excess weight all play a role in how you will be in the future. However, lose as much as you can. Even losing as much as ten pounds can lower your risks for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease or attack. You may not fit into a size two, but any small loss is of benefit to you and your overall health.


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