5 Simple Principles Of The Detox Diet

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Detoxing is the process of cleansing your overworked system and helping it to function more efficiently, says Lesley Ellis, author of the “7 Day Detox diet Plan.” And why do you need to detox? Everyone knows that we eat too much chemically processed food if not nutritionally poor quality food. We exposed ourselves to noise, anxiety and stress. Our systems have to cope with the food of preservatives and other chemical additives in our foodstuff as well as the toxins in our environment.

Starting to a detox diet means you are changing to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to help repair damage and improve all around health. At the heart of any detox programme is excellent-quality highly nutritious fresh food. When you detox, you avoid processed foods, which are generally packed with sugar, salt and artificial additives, you are also cutting out any extra toxic burdens on your system.

Diet alone, of course, is not enough. As well as changing what you eat, you need to support your detox programme in your daily life by giving yourself more good quality rest, more positive relaxation and more regular exercise. Here’s the summary of Lesley Ellis five simple principles of the detox diet :

·         Fresh : All food must be eaten as fresh as possible.

·         Raw and lightly cooked : Much of your food must be eaten uncooked or only lightly cooked.

·         Whole and natural : All food must be unprocessed, unrefined, and without artificial additives.

·         Fluids : You must drink 1.75 litres or 3 pints of fluid every day to help wash your system and eliminate toxins and waste.

·         Detox super-foods : detox nutritionists  recommend including these natural cleansers in your diet every day. Foods such as wholegrain rice, apples, beetroot (red beet), garlic, grapes, onions and carrots.


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