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There are currently over 250 000 applications available for iPhone, IPAD and IPod Touch, and, surprisingly, many of the best are free. Here see iphone applications free

The following list showcases our selection of the 40 best free iPhone applications, iPhone, and includes applications for social networking, traveling, news, photography, performance, and much more.

If Favorites does not tell us about them in the comments.

1. order

After the ugly duckling, and now-starting with version 3-social network, Facebook is a triumph of Cygnus. revised based on grid home screens give you quick access to frequently-visited sections (news, notifications, etc) and pages, and experience is such that it largely surpasses the browser version, the best iphone applications free.

2. Gorillacam

Largely out of nowhere, Gorillacam came in December 2009 from the makers of the Gorillapod. This mash together kill opportunities for highly improved camera iPhone’s (timer, Multi-Shot, spirit level, on the screen grid, press anywhere “capture), i.e. you can bin a half-dozen standalone applications that offer this kind of thing.

3. RunKeeper iphone applications free

Vista Nike +, but better and free might seem unlikely, but that’s what RunKeeper free grants. the application uses GPS iPhone potential track route running, and can display and detailed information on rates and burned calories. Actions can be shared online as well as treadmill runs can be entered manually.

4. films

Although some aspects of cinema Films lists apps are unfortunate-United States (in particular with regard to information about upcoming movies and DVD), succeed where it matters. Select the movie or application determines where you are, lists of nearby cinemas, and displays the time selected film shows. Efficiency can be further increased by pinning favorite cinemas at the beginning of the list. Good to watch iphone applications free films.

5. TonePad

Virtual pianos and guitars are all very well, but purely digital musical toys are more suitable for Apple handhelds. TonePad is the best of them, using a mesh that lets you turn notes and off and create pleasant and harmonious loops, your creations can be edited, saved and uploaded to share with other users.

6. Dictionary.com-dictionary and thesaurus

mln. definitions and synonyms are available in the Palm of your 90000 with this free message dictionary and thesaurus. Application quickly and efficiently, includes phonetic and audio pronunciations of words and its interface seems perfect for the iphone applications free.

7. Air video free

Air video free, you can stream (and convert when necessary) video from any computer running free air Video Server. You can only get access to a small number of items in a folder or playlist, but some careful planning can work around this limitation.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you’re looking for Photoshop-style power that Photoshop Express will not leave indifferent. However, if you’re after quick, free, very useful tool for making changes to your iPhone photos, Adobe is ideal.Use it to crop, edit, adjust exposure, color effects, sharpening and more.

9. Instapaper free

Create account create bookmarks, Instapaper in Safari on your device, and you can send articles to Instapaper free for superior and focused experience offline reading. The application also acts as an excellent taster for the paid version, which adds alternative topics and IPad support.

10. Google Earth – iphone applications free

“Hold the world in the Palm of your hand,” said Google about Google Earth, which will allow you to buy all over the planet, with a finger. Closer integration with the content and features on the map it would be nice, but Google Earth articles from Wikipedia and Panoramio layer at the very least, ensure it’s a great app to look at the world from his living room.


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