Easy is a New Smart

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The modern world is already invaded by complicated and sophisticated cell phones. But still, there are a lot of simple phone service options that are designed to answer the needs of people who loves simplicity. If you are one of them, you may be having a hard time looking for the perfect service for yourself. Worry no more – this article will help you in your quest of finding the best simple cell phone and service of today!

The Simple Cell Phones of Today

The best asset of a simple cell phone today is its ability to serve the needs of people from all avenues of life. In fact, both the young and the old can very well take advantage of the offers of today’s simple cell phones. These phones are designed to have user-friendly features to promote convenience and ease in operation.

Moreover, the simple phone service you can find today is not only limited to offering you call and text services. What is great about basic cell phones today is that they can also serve the needs of users even during emergency situations. For instance, the Just5 Easy phone, which is one of the fastest growing basic cell phones today, has personal emergency response system. This phone has an SOS button that can allow the user to call for help when in an emergency.

The Affordability of Simple Cell Phones

As compared to the complex phones of today, simple cell phones are available at a fraction of a cost in the market. Usually, these phones are priced less than a hundred dollars per piece. Also, when it comes to call and text plans, it is very much affordable to get one for your simple phones. Since you no longer need data plans here, you can live a life paying only 10 dollars every month for your cell phone plan, especially if you are a not a heavy cell phone user.

To get even the best deal, it is best for you to research for the best cell phone plans you can get in the market. Take for instance the offers of Just5. The company offers prepaid plan options starting from 10 dollars to 40 dollars with an expiration of 90 days. You can compare these prepaid plans with other options in the Internet these days to check out whether these plans are best for you or not.

You do not need to suffer paying too much for a cell phone ownership. A simple phone service is enough to cover your needs not only in terms of communication but also emergency and security.


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