Child Shield: Helping to Keep Our Kids Safe

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Child Shield is an organization that was developed in 1990.  It is reported that each year over one million children are reported missing.  Resources to help find missing children and getting them back safely are unfortunately a problem that we have to try and resolve. 

Child Shield is an organization that helps in this effort.  Every parent feels the need to protect their child and Child Shield is an investment that helps to further ensure this.  The investment into Child Shield is invaluable.  We never want to think of the unthinkable happening to our child however, each day we are faced with that reality.  It is unfortunate but true.  Predators are often the people that we know whether it be family members or even our friends.  We can never be too careful.

If your child becomes missing Child Shield will be there to help.  The benefits of Child Shield  are that they offer a $50,000 reward, full time private investigator, poster production, video duplication, distribution  or posters and video’s, poster and video availability to police cruisers which is also available to national watch teams. 

Signing up for Child Shield and the monthly fee is minimal.  Even if you do have the resources in the time of crisis Child Shield can offer that additional help in the time of need.  In the reality we call life we never know when the unthinkable will happen.  If we are ever faced with the tragedy of our child missing the quicker we act upon it the more likely we are to find them and bring them home safely.  That is a statistical fact that you can’t ignore.  Child Shield is a resource that must be considered and hopefully if you do have it you will never have to used it.

To find out more about Child Shield you can get with a local representative in your area or you can go online to sign up. 



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