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When you engage in recreation online Sonic games, you will see something very fascinating. Not only are extraordinarily comparable to those you used to play the last Sega console, you should also recall all the fun you had Sonic and his friends.Feel like you’re a kid again playing with the Megadrive or Saturn and to guide the Sonic color blue.I call him the fast blue so cool at the speed of light through different stages of fun and excitement.

These online games you can chose Sonic to be the character you want to play or Tails. I liked also Tails because he can fly using his tails or Knuckles the character that has a million of punch. I love this guy. Of course we will not forger the genius Dr. Robotnik is your number one foe, which is always to no good. Sonic is so popular that he has done for comics, cartoons and books. But when it comes to popular games, 2d is better than 3D. This is great, since most online games are similar to 2D games. Games like this must never be forgotten because the adventure continues.

 Fans have also made along with rpg games Sonic the Hedgehog a huge success. Too many rpg games where created this days they come and go but my favorite sonic is number one. And lately the gaming industry has created the latest Sonic game new version online. What makes it so amazing about role playing games that it is a bit like Final Fantasy games and other fantasy gaming version.  Sonic started in the comics but it’s became so popular they created a tv series for this and it had became an adventure in the game like family computer, NES and pc games. But now creating a great deal of fun and enjoyment in the homes and internet café. Its  always fun to play Sonic one of the great adventure games .


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